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Stove Top Cover Noodle Board Custom

Stove Top Cover Noodle Board Custom

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This solid wood one-of-a-kind stove top cover is a wonderful addition to your home. It's a custom made unique, piece that will add a beautiful design element to your kitchen. If the kitchen is your happy place or you just love to cook, this item will certainly boost the warmth around the stove.

Made from made from high quality Walnut and Maple woods, hand finished, and inlaid with a cactus element for a beautiful handcrafted look. Finished with two large unique metal handles for easy lifting and moving.

* 100% Custom made and crafted
* Large unique Metal Handles for easy carrying

DIMENSIONS: 30" x 22"
WEIGHT: Approx 12 lbs

All orders are Made-To-Order and are produced on demand. Typical delivery is 10 to 14 days. Any questions please send email with Order number.

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